About us


Our growth and our established position on the Polish market and on international markets are achieved with regular investments in the machine base, as well as state-of-the-art technologies. Another important aspect for our company’s growth is the qualified expert personnel, and our commitment to systematic improvement of their qualifications.



MCKEEN-BEEF SP. z O.O. first started its business activities in Lisków, Poland, in 2009, where we had the capacity of cutting 100 tonnes of beef daily.


In 2013, our business was expanded with slaughtering bovine cattle, as we acquired a cattle slaughterhouse located in the neighbouring district. Through modernization and investing in advanced high performance slaughtering line and machine park, MCKEEN-BEEF SLAUGHTERHOUSE has accomplished a stable position on the Polish slaughtering market.


There were also a number of investment projects implemented during 2012-2015 at the Lisków beef cutting and packaging site, to expand and upgrade the plant and therefore to open new opportunities and finished product sales markets.


In 2014, the Company accomplished the capacity of 700 tonnes of beef cut per week.
In addition, in order to ensure high quality of frozen products, in MCKEEN-BEEF invested in a freezer room integrated with the cutting plant, and in an independent cold storage in Linne in 2013.


During the recent years, the company has accomplished a solid position among beef manufacturers in Poland and abroad. We intend to continuously follow the new trends and the increasing demands of our clients.

The client always comes first


At MCKEEN-BEEF, we respect our clients and we are trying to meet all their realistic requirements in terms of quality, logistics, and pricing. For acquiring new customers and maintaining the partnerships with our current clients, we have competent Sales personnel. Each customer will receive unique and personalized service.

Our locations

MCKEEN-BEEF Ubojnia Sp. z o.o.
Linne 47
62-730 Dobra



Veterinary Identification Number
PL 30270106 WE

The Beef Cutting and Packing Plant / Company headquarters
MCKEEN-BEEF Sp. z o.o.
ul. Spółdzielców 13
62-850 Lisków


Veterinary Identification Number
PL 30074202 WE

Cold storage plant
Chłodnia Składowa Linne
Linne 47
62-730 Dobra



Veterinary Identification Number
PL 30271102 WE